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How to Write a Resume For Freshers & Experienced People Step by Step Tutorial

How to Write a Resume Complete Video Course

In this blog we will cover how to write a resume and get your foot in the interview door, especially if you are a fresher. and your resume is one of the most essential criteria because it helps you showcase your skills and abilities.

Convince the employer to call you for an interview

In this module, we will walk you through a step-by-step process of writing a flawless resume, while explaining its importance.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

1. Identify and explain the key elements of an effective resume

2. Recognize the three types of resume

3. Apply the four steps to build a winning resume

On average, recruiters spend only six seconds to decide whether to keep or trash your resume.

A resume is not a mere summary of your skills, academic or work history, but a medium to sell yourself effectively to the potential employer if written correctly.


❑ Tailored to the job you are applying
❑ Concise and more specific
❑ Visually appealing
❑ Showcasing your skills and abilities
❑ Well-structured and organized

resume writing

Header (Name & Contact Information)

In the header section, list your name, email address, and phone number. It explains the recruiter who you are and how to contact you.

• Bold, enlarge and capitalize the font size of your name so that it stands out
• Use a professional email ID

Professional Statement/Objective

This is the section where you will quickly sum up:

• Who you are
• Why you’re a valuable asset to their company and/or
• Where you want to go in your career


This is a very important section to focus on. Basis of your education, hiring managers to evaluate how relevant is your college education and what benefit you can bring to their company.

Here you will list the colleges you have graduated from along with the dates, locations, and certifications if any. Start with the most recent education first.

• If you are still pursuing a degree, then list the expected date of completion
• You don’t have to include the high school unless it is important to the employer
• Include your grades and ranks if they are higher
• You may want to include course work, team projects, major assignments or research project.

Leadership Activities and Interests

In this section, you may include extracurricular activities such as

• Leadership positions you held
• Any participation in campus activities
• Volunteer work or community-related service
• Do not include your personal interests. If you have received any special honors, awards, and recognition, list them in your resume. For example, competitive scholarships and fellowships


Consider include your most relevant technical and business skills that related directly to the jobs you are going to target. However, you may also include languages you know, social media skills, any special training in software or hardware, etc. Here your focus should be on establishing credibility.

Work Experience

In this section, you will describe your previous experiences and jobs that are most relevant using action verbs. Start with the company or organization’s name, then your title and years worked. Make the most of college experience. Include the experience that has enabled you to develop skills, but ensure it is relevant to the job. For example, you may consider:

• Summer jobs
• Internships
• Projects
• Temporary work

Let’s review Steve’s resume to understand its structure and what goes into an effective resume for someone with no experience

Resume Example

Steve is seeking a job in advertising or public relations sector.

What makes this resume effective?

1. Has all the major sections of an effective resume
2. The layout is clean and easy to read
3. Well-structured and organized
4. One-page resume, succinct and to the point
5. Steve is clear with his goals
6. Lists Steve’s social media skills that are relevant to the job

Resume Personal Statement
tailor your resume to the job description
avoid common mistakes in resume
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